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Bumpy Johnson is on a mission to place the last state in the South on the map and give true Hip Hop fans what they’ve been missing. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Bumpy grew up and built a reputation in the mean streets of his neighborhood Union Heights. He later learned how to turn his experiences into some of the most prolific music in his area. He fell in love with Hip Hop during his summer vacations in NYC. He later decided to become an emcee. It was then that his friends named him after a well-known gangster, also from Charleston, by the name of Raymond Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson, due to the similarities in their character and commanding style. It was the perfect stamp.

Bumpy J and his partners in rhyme formed the first independent label group in their area called the Carolina Pathfindaz often referred to as the Southern Wu-Tang Clan. They released a collection of classics including Bumpy’s breakout singles “Drug Game” and “Dirty South.” He then started his own label called High-Class Entertainment releasing the classic album “Return of A Gangster” and several other albums and mixtapes with his artists Vito, Kutta, and Filthy Grand.

Relocating to Atlanta, the new music Mecca, Bumpy is reloaded and refocused. With a larger stage and audience he’s preparing his new project titled “Total Package” to finally plant the industry flag for South Carolina and bring back what the game has been missing.

Official website: on.fb.me/1OodeON
Instagram/Twitter: @therealbumpyj


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