Buds Backus, The Greenhouse Project


Buds Backus (born May 23, 1992), 23, is a smokey Hip Hop artist born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Buds comes with a very nice mellow sound consisting of spaced out boom bap instrumentals with a warm slower tempo flow. His lyrical content is full of pot related innuendos and loose references on consciousness; staying true to yourself and not following others. Although sometimes gloomy, Buds can definitely speed it up for a more up-tempo jazzy track to get you grooving.

Buds is heavily influenced by a very diverse group of artists from all over the world ranging from the 50’s through present time; mainly Hip Hop from both coasts and the Midwest and primarily consisting of artists from the golden era of Hip Hop.

Starting straight out of high school in 2010, Buds began recording and performing with a tight group of friends under the name OBcD. Immediately after the group ended up fizzling out he continued to work with members of the group on projects such as Yo’ MooseS, A.D.D. the MG’s, and currently The Greenhouse Project. He is currently working on an album with The Greenhouse Project with no set release date.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/greenhouseaz
Instagram: www.instagram.com/budsobcd


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