Budda Beats, Making A Difference

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Atlanta based Zachary Thomas, Budda Beats, started creating music when he was 9 and 10 years later he’s escalating his craft. He grew up in a neighborhood where it wasn’t easy to accomplish what one set out to do and he always knew he wanted to help. Music is what he found to be his calling.

Budda Beats taught himself how to play the piano and began to let others hear his pain and his struggles. He found people didn’t want to hear it verbally so he created a way to express it through music. He’s kept progressing and it’s been an immeasurable feeling. He thanks his mom Amor Thomas; his brother Dequarius; his sisters Anika and Shan; and his Fiancé Chelcie for not giving up on him.

It’s not easy, but Budda Beats is going to make a difference.


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