Bryce, Change The World

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15 year old Bryce from the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA, is now living in Casper WY with a mic, some rhymes, and a dream. Having been writing since the age of 7 he’s hit the social media avenues to showcase his youthful work. He’s also planning to start up a foundation as he grows in the music industry.

Being very young, Bryce hasn’t done much yet in his career but he has helped change people’s perspectives on life. There’s no telling what accomplishments he has coming in the future, the options are endless.

Bryce recently finished his debut first mixtape titled Ambitious and has already started working on his next and even better project The Next Chapter. He plans to keep striving for success and working his way up in this game. You may see him doing something special in the years to come. Keep an eye out for this kid.

Instagram/Twitter: @bryceykidd
Facebook: Bryce Amedee
Soundcloud: Bryce

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