Breezy Montana, Make My Dreams A reality


Breezy Montana is a game changing female artist coming straight out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Unlike other female artists, she has the style of a guy with the finesse of a professional. She has been making music most her life and decided to take her music serious in 2015. When she was 16 she got the opportunity to perform in Miami in front of A&Rs and her first large crowd thanks to the URock Tour. All though she did not win she got acknowledged and made it in 5th place out of over 300 performers. Since then Breezy has performed in Chicago, Atlanta, Ohio, and other states around the country determined to share her talent with the world.

On October 21, 2014, along with her friend, were victims of a drive by shooting at the gas station in which a rival shot her car over 15 times hoping to take their lives. While in the hospital Breezy was placed under arrest for an unrelated crime and served 4 months in the Marion County Jail. She made bond and came out with a new mind frame” “Life is way too short. I’m going to make every day a day to chase my dreams because I don’t want to regret not making my dreams a reality.”

Official website:
Instagram: @BreezyMontana__
Twitter: @TheeBreezyB


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