Bree_nah, Uniqueness In Her Voice


Recent college graduate from East Stroudsburg University, Sabrina Lynn, Bree_nah, received a B.A. in hotel, restaurant, and tourism management. Though a troubled adolescent, Sabrina excelled in her studies, social life, and career paths because of a hard work ethic. With a diagnosis of severe depression, her senior year of college was the toughest year she’s experienced. It was at the point that she decided to take her career and talents more serious. Finding solace in Miley Cyrus’ “Adore You,” Sabrina was able to overcome her setbacks and was given the opportunity to move to Florida to further her career in hospitality. This is where she tapped into her imagination and engaged in the creative arts of drawing, painting, singing, crafting, etc.

Florida was the inception of Sabrina’s career as her friend Jay encouraged her to further her singing talent. After getting ahold of some beats, she spent every waking minute practicing her material and even let her resort’s guests listen in on her sing. She made the decision to leave paradise and promised herself that music was going to be her future. As an artist Sabrina expresses herself through music. She is looking for the opportunity to make a difference with her music, represent an image of self-love, and inspire people to keep them going through life in an optimistic view.

As Bree_nah, Sabrina wants the world to know her as a strong, educated, and talented young woman who has worked for every little appreciation in her life and will always put 110% in any possible form of her talent. She loves the uniqueness of her voice and the passion she expresses through music, especially coming from no experience. Sabrina will continue to sing and write all of her own music and to be recognized by the world.

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