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Boomer, born in Fontana, CA, has traveled a long way and worked hard at establishing and maintaining his brand “Boomerdidit”. Growing up with family who were heavily involved in the music business allowed Boomer to be exposed at an early age, and his own passion was discovered during his  involvement in school talent shows, band, and extra curricular activities. Frequent moving throughout his childhood allowed Boomer to experience different aspects of life from different perspectives.

On December 11th, 2012, with the help of Sir Jinx, Boomer released his debut album, “Boombox”. Almost a year later, in September 2013 he re-released the album on his own, but this time as a special edition which contained six songs added to the original thirteen. Following “Boombox”, in February 2014, Boomer released his second album entitled “I Vow”, becoming the second album that was written, arranged, produced, and engineered by Boomer himself. After graduating from The Los Angeles Film School with a degree in Recording Arts, Boomer has expanded his knowledge in the field of audio engineering, working with various established and upcoming artists. His appreciation for business and music has also grown to the point that he decided to learn how to maintain and grow as a brand and also how to play the bass and lead guitars. Boomer looks forward to learning much more as he continues to grow and to teaching other passionate upcoming artists and producers who are serious about learning as well. Boomer believes that the only way to succeed in this business is to work hard, keep focused, stay devoted, remain passionate, and be yourself no matter the circumstances.

Check out Boomer on his website at You can listen to more of his music at

Boomer – So Funky

Boomer Making a Beat

Boomer – Jam Session

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