Blazing Flame Entertainment, Bringing Special Flavors

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Hip Hop is dead. We’ve heard it before and we’ll hear it again. Whether you’re the old school type who likes that raw lyricism or the type that wants that club banger or even somewhere in between, we’ve got just the thing for you. That “thing” is Blazing Flame Entertainment. This team of emcees and singers was put together by J. Park who had the vision of building a label full of artists with various/different styles that can appeal to everyone. This eclectic group of artists covers the Hip Hop and R&B genres to a t. Each artist brings their own special flavor to the team, their fans, the city of Cleveland, and soon the world.

Started in 2008, Blazing Flame was founded by CEO/Manager J. Park and beat maker Rio. The beginning years included a lot of legwork, but not too many results as many businesses experience. The best was yet to come. By 2010 the team began its growth in its artists and producers as well as the brand name Blazing Flame Entertainment. Many artists have had a hand in making the team the rough-rugged-underdog up and comers they are today. Some of the artists that appear on their first mixtape called “Blazing Flame Productions Compilation Volume 1” are no longer with the label, but they played (and some still do) a big part in getting the company off the ground.

The artists that currently make up this team are: Big Squeeze, Scar, Queen Vixen, Phenom Shyt, Ricky Cardo, Anubis, Brink, Orion, AG, and Dub. Each of these artists have released their own solo projects, as well as a compilation series called “Live and Direct” which comprises all of the artists on the label. Alongside the music, Blazing Flame Entertainment has launched its own internet radio show called “Blazing Flame Radio” which can be seen live on their website. The sky is the limit for this young, talented, and ambitious crew.

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