Blaq Reel, Not Losing Sight


Blaq Reel was raised in the country parts of Spartanburg known as Pauline where he attended Dorman High School. After graduating high school he went to college for business and marketing for one year, but there was one thing that kept feeding the back burner. It was music, the one thing that kept him sane. Rap, rock, blues, and country were his genres and Busta Rhymes was his favorite along with his song “Dangerous.”

As more artists gained fame, Blaq Reel’s liking changed too. In 2003 it was Ludacris and his song “Stand Up.” In 2006 it was Tech N9ne, Chamillionaire, Lil Wayne, and T.I. There was also Kid Cudi and Kanye West who were idols he looked up to for their similarity on their thoughts of the world. At the age of 11 he decided he wanted to be rapper. His writing skills were already on par since he’d already been writing poetry to release pain since the age of 8.

Now 23 and married he’s on his own path to revitalizing his Woodruff name after falling out with his family early on in life. He’s holding a grudge for being second best to his little brother and wants to show that his family put their faith in the wrong child. Blaq Reel is the chosen one and that he’s dedicated and motivated not to lose sight of what he deserves.

Twitter: @therealblaqreel
Facebook: @Blaq Reel
Instagram: @realblaqreel
Reverbnation: @Blaq Reel
Soundcloud: @Blaq Reel


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