Blade, Pain Music


Miami native recording artist Blade, a household name in urban communities across South Florida, is bringing something new to the Hip Hop scene. That something new is what he has labeled as “pain music:” a collaborative of life experiences, a creative style of delivery, and a unique soulful/pain driven sound. Born Derrick Williams, Blade has been his nickname since his early childhood years. His mother started calling him Blade because he was a “sharp” kid. Since a freshman in high school, Blade knew he wanted to be in the entertainment industry and after his hit single “Quarter of a Century” his career finally started to progress.

With his soulful/pain driven sound, Blade’s music is inspired by the environment that he grew up in. His “… environment is full of pain. From the crooked cops, to the crack head infested abandoned homes, from the poor educational system to the children that were left behind by mom and/or dad and/or the system.”

You name it, Blade has been through it which is why his music is so motivational and uplifting to the hood. “My love for music and my culture inspires my creativity,” Blade explains. “My music is forever, its timeless music. Fifty years from now a 25 year old will listen to my music and relate to it and feel as if it was a song written that same day.”

Instagram: @Bladefromdade


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