Black Shawd, This Is Not A Dream

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With a diverse and unique rapping/singing style that gives variety to listeners, Phoenix, AZ born and Atlanta, GA resident, Darrell Rashad Shaw, Black Shawd, is able to adapt his music as trends change better than most. Not only is he a great emcee with great lyrics, he is also owner of Troublesome Productions LLC that offers recording, writing, and production services for artists and musicians. Black Shawd has been involved in music his whole life and like many he grew up in the church singing and performing at an early age. Always being involved in any music event that he could attend, his musical passion definitely precedes the rest.

What makes Black Shawd someone to follow and be inspired by is his never die attitude, even after not making it onto American Idol and B.E.T.’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday he’s been persistent. He was contestant winner 10 and 2nd place national finalist on B.E.T.’s 2 Hot Radio. Black Shawd just released his diverse-unique “R&G” mixtape and is collaborating with Arizona rapper Young Lays on an album. Black Shawd’s solo album “This Is Not A Dream” is going to set the music world on fire.

If you’re looking for longevity and timeless music then this is the artist to keep in tune to. With his demanding stage presences, comedic humor, hard work, and dedication this is most definitely the future. Record labels look for artists who are already developed, have their own following, and good music. Black Shawd has been ranked a few times on Reverbnation as #1 Hip Hop artist in Atlanta, only time will tell before its #1 on the world charts.

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