Bish Kang, HarveyCalifornia


Bish Kang, Bishop, born and raised in Harvey, Illinois is an emcee that keeps it strictly Hip Hop and who began rapping in 2007 with his first freestyle to Jay Z’s “Heart of the City.” Growing up Bish was inspired by his mother who was a singer. Although he couldn’t sing, he later learned from listening to artists like Jay Z, Nas, and Tupac that he had a gift for rhyming. At first he experimented with Rap as a hobby, once he figured out that he could channel his emotions through song he began to take it serious.

Bish has recorded over 100 songs and written plenty more, and wants to touch the people with his music. He plans to release an EP in the summer of 2015 entitled “HarveyCalifornia.” Bish recently dropped two singles off the upcoming EP, “Get It” and “We The Greatest.”

Instagram: @bish_kang
Facebook:@ bish kang


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