BiG tYm3, The Grind Never Sleeps


Born and raised in a rundown apartment complex in Marion, Ohio, BiG tYm3 has had one thing etched in his mind: grind. Now at the age of 25, he’s working as hard, if not harder, than ever before. According to the enterprising artist, hip hop today consists of basic lyrics, a catchy hook, and a get rich scheme. To combat that trend, BiG tYm3 is making music that has meaning and a purpose behind it. He puts heart and soul into every lyric and hopes that when the person on the other end of those speakers hears them, they can connect and feel the emotion he’s put in.

Not knowing where his journey would lead when he first stepped foot on the music path, he’s now recently released his 2nd mixtape titled Chasin The Dream. He’s also had the privilege and honor to work with producers like C-Sick, Nard & B, and Young Chop. Collaborating on tracks, BiG tYm3 has worked with Christian Radke who did a few mixtapes with Flow and a few other tracks together with Turk from Young Money. Continuing on the path, BiG tYm3 is sure to work on more features, with more producers, and have brighter highlights in his music career.

The aforementioned release, Chasin The Dream, boast 17 tracks that he put all his effort into. Beyond that project, BiG tYm3 is working on a few singles and eventually another mixtape. The work never stops, nor does the grind.

Facebook: bigtym3
Soundcloud: bigtym3
YouTube: BiGtYm3TV

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