Big P, Music Keeps Me Positive


Rap artist and songwriter James Parker, aka Big P, described as “not the typical Bay Area artist,” drives from some dark places then explodes into light. This Vallejo, CA based musician, who writes lyrics for major label artists knows pain. He knows death. He knows suffering. He also knows the power of love and perseverance.

When he was 9, James watched his 5-year-old brother get struck and killed by a car while walking home from school. This traumatic event turned a gentle boy into a hard one and he began to rage at life seeking in his own way to survive and thrive. He learned early on that he had the mental and social skills to hustle, to earn some extra bucks by outwitting the system.

Athletically and artistically gifted, James pushed to stay in school knowing there was more out there for him. After completing a four year degree, B.A. in psychology, Big P dug deep into his music.He invested in recording equipment, started performing in various venues throughout California and Kansas, and working with artists nationwide. His powerful lyrics grabbed the attention and imagination of listeners and musicians alike.

Learn more about Big P on his Official Artist Website.

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