Big Luck, Mirror Image Of My Life


Out of upstate Utica, NY, a unique and genuine one of a kind artist with substance named Big Luck is an independent Hip Hop artist with an extreme passion for the art of music. Big Luck, also known as Upstate’s Finest or The King Of Upstate or The Voice of Upstate, has been making a huge impact and name for himself in the underground and mixtape circuit. Big Luck has been on thousands of mixtapes from the United States to overseas including the United Kingdom, France, England, and Germany. Big luck also has been a guest on several radio shows along with having his music played on several radio stations, internet shows, and has been in the spotlight on many websites.

Big Luck has raw talent and versatility. Not only is Big Luck an artist but he also produces, records, mixes, and masters his own material. Big Luck has worked with many of the top artists and deejays in the industry today. Big Luck has built from the ground up a solid foundation, large following, and well-earned spot in the Hip Hop community. Big Luck provides you with a mirror image of his life through his music. Big Luck has a story to tell and he will not finish until his final chapter.

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