Big L.C.T., G.H.O.S.T.


Los Angeles based artist Big L.C.T. has been involved with music since being a youngster and gained an appreciation for Hip Hop and Rap during his adolescence. Along with a peer who knew how to produce beats, the duo started working delivering a couple of solid tracks. In May 2015 his debut project G.H.O.S.T. (Grab Hope Or Stay Troubled) was released featuring local artists and live music to showcase a blend of sounds. The project was released on iTunes and peaked towards the top of the iTunes Hot Indie Hip Hop section.

Big L.C.T.’s music is about real life connections and events that occur is his walk of life. Currently he’s in the studio working on a free 5 track EP project with Evince and produce by South Hudson. Visuals will shortly come as he collaborates with videographers.

Official website:
Snapchat: BigLCT


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