Bentley & Vertu to Collab on Special Smartphones

Rude Boy Magazine

Bentley has announced a partnership with fellow English luxury-goods company Vertu, a maker of ultra-high-end mobile phones, on a special line of smartphones. Vertu smartphones are more or less ordinary from a hardware and computing standpoint, but they’re assembled from very high-end materials. These can include titanium for the handset’s body, leather wrapping various surfaces, and sapphire crystals for the screen. The units are handmade in England—just like Bentleys, the automaker proudly points out—and can cost up to $10,000 apiece.

Vertu and Bentley have agreed to link up for five years, during which time five Bentley-themed phones will be released. The first is coming this fall, and although no pricing has been set, you can bet it’s going to be expensive.

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