Bentley Delivers a Virtuous New Smartphone with the “Vertu Signature”



Do you love smartphones designed by iconic luxury driven companies. Well the “Vertu Signature,” designed by the legendary and opulent automobile company Bentley, is the next best thing to pure gold. The “Vertu Signature” is a luxury smartphone at its best.

First let’s start off with its exquisite design. Its case-backing is to die for. The premium leather that it’s made out of is simply visual eye candy and takes this phone to the next level on the designer phone scale of excellence.

We can’t judge a phone by its cover alone though, and this phone most definitely doesn’t disappoint on the inside either. As a matter of fact, for all you selfie kings and queens, this phone has a 13 megapixel Hassleblad camera (which means this phone will definitely keep your selfie game in the ranks with the best of them).

Did we mention the Bang Olufsen internal sound system that will surely entertain all of you who love listening to music on your phones? It most certainly will give the best MP3 players on the market a run for their money in sound quality.

As an added bonus, for those of us who like using their phones for a lot of different functions but hate how slow it can get as we start filling up the memory, this phone is your solution. With an 801 2.1 GHz processor this phone means speed, speed, and more speed.

With all these great features what’s not to love? If you would like to purchase this phenomenal new smartphone visit

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