Benny Bugz, A Rebel Against The Norm

Bugz Ben

Through terrifying life experiences of family drug abuse, poverty, and depression, 21 year old lyricist from South Central, PA Benny Bugz has grown to be an individual of unique character striving for greatness with an abundant sense of positivity. He is a rebel who strives to go against societal norms whether the law permits so or not. He stops for no one and really doesn’t give a care about an opinion.

Once suicidal, Benny changed his life for the better allowing music to be his release and form of expression. In his music he never fears telling it how it is putting true emotion into each project. With his unfaltering willingness to succeed, he is sure to make an impact on Hip Hop. For once in this industry a real artist will prevail.

Now a part of the Rudeboy team, Benny Bugz’ project “The Waiting Room” is set to be released on August 25, 2015.

Twitter: @bugz717
Instagram: @benny_bugz


Make sure to check out Benny Bugz’s new mixtape!


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