BC “Been Cold”, Phx City Ent

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Thomas Reese, Jr., BC “Been Cold,” was born and raised in the west side of Phoenix, Arizona. His influences growing up were Pac and Snoop, two of the world’s biggest West coast gangsta rappers ever. BC developed a passion for rap at the young age of 9 but didn’t take it to heart until the age of 13. Other influences were his step father, Book Gee, and lil’ brother, 2sicc (R.I.P.); they were inspirational, influential, and important people in his life. Growing up in the projects is never a positive outlook for a kid but making it through hard times BC prevailed and overcame all adversity.

Today in the Arizona hip-hop world, BC is making moves and a lot of noise. He recently joined The Zone Ent with a good friends, Hora Burns and Jay Rossi, both AZ artists. BC is also working with one of AZ’s most talented-influential, and well respected producers, and very good friend Neyak, of Neyak Beats, from Long Beach, California. Additionally, BC developed his own label, Phx City Ent with a host of independent artists: Baca, Crypt, LV, J.O., Tray 80, Truf, and Cashious (all from Phoenix, Arizona).

BC recently signed to Laurie-Lynn Soares’ Management Company (LLSM), formerly from Hawaii and California, and now based out of Phoenix, Arizona. They both look forward to a very bright, productive, and successful future. BC is a very inspirational writer and rapper, and will soon be known as one of AZ’s hottest artists. Holding it down for his state and his people, BC is a rising star waiting to shine.

Official website: https://www.facebook.com/been.cold
Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/beencold

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