BeatBakers, Beautiful Timeless Music


Brothers with a shared love of music, Ibrahim and Hussein Hashish, BeatBakers, kicked off their music production endeavor in 2011. Inspired by all genres of music they started producing beautiful-uplifting melodic progressive house. Their first major record, “Arrow,” was released on Peak Hour Music and gained huge support from the EDM scene with major artists like Nari and Milani supporting the tune in their sets. Later their remix for John Legend’s “All of Me” went viral and was an instant summer sensation.

Lately they diversified their production skills to making melodic-chill house with their remix of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” which turned out to be the perfect chill track to listen to any time of day. They are definitely taking the music world by storm with their passion for making beautiful-timeless music and steadily becoming a household name.

Official website:
Twitter: @thebeatbakers
YouTube: BeatBakersTV
Instagram: beatbakers


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