B.C., Music Is A Full Motion Movie


With a goal as an artist to make good music people can vibe to and make an impact in the Hip Hop culture and community, Corey Daruis Wise, B.C., is a Jacksonville, FL native who lived in the crime and drug infested area of Sherwood Forest. He has never forgot what he was exposed to out in the hood, it was during that time when people were jumped for Starter jackets and chains.

B.C. was not exposed to Rap music until about the turn of the century and R&B was his thing. At 16 was when he realized he had a gift and began to write rhymes and sharpen his wordsmith skills. From cyphering and making beats on lunch room tables, 2008 was when B.C. started to officially record. His first single was “Guess Who’s Back” and due to negative feedback he took a short hiatus. B.C. resurfaced in 2012 with his official mixtape and has been garnering rave reviews.

What inspires B.C. to make music is the idea that everything is like a full motion movie. You have to visualize everything before see it. It’s not just about writing rhymes but about divulging your life’s story.

Official website: coreywise2001.wix.com/entertainment4ears
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/corey-aka-b-c
Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=366295103436532
Twitter: @elitecorey


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