Baynbridge, The Bridge Of 2 Coasts


Jamal Hardeman, Baynbridge, is indeed what the game has been missing. The grit and grime of the East Coast mixed with the bang and the drawl of the dirty South, he is a complete package. But his story proves that the painter had to get dirty to create that pretty picture. Baynbridge was born to Adrienne Hardeman at the age of 14 and fathered by Demetrius Rogers (brother to Patrick Rogers, the 17th child to die in the Atlanta Child Murders of 1979-1981). Not able to care for her children, Adrienne left them in the care their grandfather (Staten Island), a radical who hated children and who sent them through the foster care system until Baynbridge was 6. After moving back to NYC at 8 from Griffen, GA, Baynbridge started freestyling.

After a slew of meaningless jobs and empty promises from local record labels, Baynbridge found his calling as a traveling door to door sales rep; rap wasn’t a dream anymore. In 2014 Baynbridge tried music again, this time as a producer. He liked it better because he didn’t need a studio to make them, whereas a rapper needs a studio to record. In 2015 a friend of his, attending the University of Florida, heard his beats on a website and was stoked to know Baynbridge was coming to Gainesville. He built Baynbridge a computer and also helped him build a mobile recording studio. He’d send tracks to Kid Cudi, Kevin Gates, even Young Thug, but no one at the time was taking him seriously.

That is until he released “No Sleep” off his own label iPoundSounds and his publishing company iPound Publishing. He has garnered 399,000 plays on Soundcloud and a number 1 ranking on Reverbnation. Listening to his tracks you’d think he was the second coming of Nas. His stories are so detailed and visual. He simply says that he wants people to hear his music. He doesn’t care about being the hybrid emcee that links 2 coasts together and he doesn’t just want to be another nigga with a CD.

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