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Banzai Beats, Jonathan Lockridge, is beatmaker who spent most of his childhood moving around due to both of his parents being in the military. He was born in Nassau Bay, TX and moved to Okinawa, Japan before the age of one. At the age of 4 he moved back to The States and lived in California for a while before moving to other various parts of the country. He grew up listening to his mother and father’s old R&B records and the 90’s Hip Hop culture, but it wasn’t until he made it to high school that the young Banzai began branching out into other genres after being introduced to Daft Punk by a friend.

It wasn’t long before Banzai became an avid lover of music and started to grow a passion for it. In college, Banzai befriended audio engineering majors and they introduced him to the world of beatmaking. It was then that he felt that he wanted to be more than just a fan. Thus, Banzai the beatmaker was born. He chose the name Banzai as way to symbolize where life began for him and where he developed a lot of good childhood memories living in Japan.

It serves as no surprise when Banzai decided to take the nickname of a childhood friend as a way to provoke nostalgia and it’s very evident in his musical work. Using the style of the late 80’s and early 90’s Hip Hop, Banzai has created a style of his own. Mixing melodic rhythms with the classic Hip Hop sound of his childhood he creates uniquely ambient tunes that range from down-tempo chill out jams to up-tempo 808 bangers

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