Bandit, A Plan & A Vision


Bandit was raised in Detroit, Michigan and has always loved music and always wanted to be involved somehow. She’s played the saxophone, the drums, and the guitar. As a good writer and fanatic of poetry, it all began to culminate into becoming a rapper.

She’s part of a trio known as 3peat. The squad consists of 2pc, who records/mixes/masters; Jones, who is a rapper; and herself. Their latest release is the mixtape titled Dopeshit featuring the single “Dope.”

The group all plan on releasing their solo projects and thought reaching out to RBL as a great way to start promoting their music. The trio are hardworking and are dedicated to what they’re doing. They have a plan and a vision.

Twitter: @Bandit_JMC
Instagram: @Bandit_JMC


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