Bama Baldhead, Investing In Myself

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Bama Baldhead is a new and upcoming artist from Evergreen, Alabama who grew up in a single parent household and was an avid fan of music. A fan of No Limit and Cash Money, he’d spend countless hours listening to them. It had gotten to a point where in the neighborhood he was known as the guy who loves rap and rap music. Bama’s love for music enhanced when he entered the 6th grade and became a band student in the drum line. Learning how to read music and playing the drums made him pay more attention to the rhythms that rappers rapped to.

By the age of 16, Bama was writing full 16 bar verses and even started recording tracks. But since he was shy about rapping only a select few would hear the songs. As a high school student making a living off rap music seemed impossible. This reality forced Bama to put full concentration on school. As a senior in high school he was selected as the salutatorian of the class and was presented with an opportunity for advancement. Moreover, he applied to The University of Alabama and was accepted.

In college Bama felt like an outcast, a country boy with hood ways at one of the elite schools in the state. Many semesters passed and he questioned if he was even built for college. As a defense mechanism Bama started again what he loves, rapping. Still shy, he knew if he had an opportunity this could work. Upon graduating Bama was blessed with a job in corporate America. But shortly afterwards, he realized it wasn’t for him. So he decided to take the money he made from working and invest it in himself. This is how Bama Baldhead was born.

YouTube: BamaBaldheadTV
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @BamaBaldhead
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