BAER, Breathe The Same


Not every type of music is suitable for everyone and BAER is making music that your mother is surely going to hate. Categorizing her music closely to urban pop, she’s drawing inspiration from artists such as Drake, Rihanna, Kehlani, and others. The Taiwan and Canada native carries a cultural background that has helped her add diversity and an identity to the music she makes.

Gaining acclaim on music blogs, the release of her debut EP titled Breathe The Same EP was a collaboration with David Quinones who’s worked with Beyonce and Demi Lovato. Her breakout single “Breathe The Same” was featured on and has over amassed 15K plays independently. Due to the success of the single and EP, her manager Melanie and she independently (with the help of a couple sponsors) hosted a release party for the EP which attracted the attention of big name industry people such as Keith Harris (Nicki Minaj, The Black Eyed Peas) and had an amazing turnout.

Moving forward and riding the success of her EP, BAER is reading to shoot the music video for “Breathe The Same” which will be very exciting. She’s also excited to start planning a tour to promote Breathe The Same EP.

Facebook: baermusicofficial
Soundcloud: baermusicofficial

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