Baby Aces, The King of Aces

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Baby Aces is a young and inventive rapper originally from Oakland, CA who grew up between Novato, CA and Fairfield, CA. Baby Aces made the decision to become a rapper after creatively looking for a way to woo a young lady for a date and was able to win her over with a rap he made up especially for her. He believed it went over so well he decided to develop this new found skill into a career. His name came from a group he was in where all the members’ surnames shared something in common with a deck of cards. Not wanting to feel left out, Baby Aces decided his name would be a combination of his youthful charm and the card he felt best represented his swagger (The Ace). As an artist, he makes a point to be true to his message and put himself out there in as real and raw of a way as he feels his art demands. His debut single “Jah Jah” epitomizes this philosophy of telling his experiences the way they are. In the end, “I hope my music can be something people remember like chapters in their lives. The highs, the lows, the WTF moments, the feelings, the disappointments, the achievements, and the perseverance. I want to touch people’s emotions one way or another.”

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Baby Aces – Control

Baby Aces – Jah Jah

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