B3, Nothing Is Impossible

Robbie Betchley (born August 27, 1995), and better known by his stage name B3, is an 18-year-old rap artist hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. He’s also part of the group B.A.D. Seed. B3 recently graduated high school and is currently a freshman at Furman University on a Division 1 lacrosse scholarship. Although he has a love for lacrosse, music is his ultimate passion. That passion for music started with a dream of being a drummer in a metal band. At 14 years old, Robbie practiced relentlessly perfecting his craft and bringing that same drive he uses in sports to his drumsticks.

After his sophomore year of high school he discovered writing music. It started with Robbie and his friends messing around rapping back and forth and writing lyrics down in study hall. It led to B3 dropping his first mixtape “Nuisance” around the middle of his junior year. “Nuisance” (which B3 calls “just a bunch of shitty songs thrown together”) led to a second mixtape “My Life, Your Entertainment,” which came out later that year. Enthusiastic reactions from friends and fans boosted his confidence and B3 put out “Not Even High” featuring the popular track “Jeans.” Now an 18-year-old college freshman, Robbie just released his fourth mixtape called “Valedictorian,” featuring a single of the same name.

When he’s not studying, playing D1 lacrosse, or recording new songs B3 is performing. He has been seen in shows from Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Brooklyn, New York City and has worked with many artists including performances with Ying Yang Twins, Migos, Freeway, Jose Guapo, Scotty ATL, JellyRoll, Bezzled Gang, Worm, O.N.E, Lex Top Dollar, Nathaniel, StarGotBars, Dino2Times, Kushy, Sway, Slam, Soulo P, Chris Shuff, and many more.

This busy, talented, young man continues to chase the dream of touring around the world and sharing his music. Music has already led him to meet people he only dreamed of meeting and doing things he only dreamed of doing, and he’s just getting started. B3 says, “I feel nothing is impossible, set your mind to it and it can be done.”

B3 – Valedictorian Freestyle

B3 – Over Dose

B3 – Boomerang

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