AyeJay Freez, LGC


LGC (Legit Clik) was established in 2012 as a music group out of Kansas specializing in a vast variety of music ranging from Hip Hop to EDM to R&B. Known for their eclectic taste in instrumentals alongside their conversational flows, LGC has proven to be a rising force in the industry. The collective is home to artists such as AyeJay Freez and Savi-Kilo as well an array of talented artists from other genres.

What started as a few like-minded individuals venting over beats turned in to one of the most powerful groups on the rise to greatness. After completing a string of shows (December 22, 2012 – January 31, 2014) at venues ranging from Orlando’s nightclub in Olathe, KS to the Granda in Lawrence, KS to Church Nightclub in Denver, CO, the group decided to delve deeper into the business of music and the paperwork behind the art.

After a relatively quiet year a part from the releases of “Pocketchange and Doobies,” “Southie,” and “B.A.N.,” they teamed with the gritty intellect of front man Savi-Kilo’s bangers “Mourn“ and “X.” 2015 is projected to be a promising year. Having topped the Reverbnation charts for their area, LGC continues to prove they deserve their seats at the table.

Official website: www.jango.com/music/AyeJay+Freez?l=0
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/prttyboiflloyd_lgc1
Twitter: @AyeJayFreez
Facebook: @LGC – Legit Clik
Instagram: @AyeJayFreez


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