A.Y., Last Breed

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A.Y. is a 19 year old rapper from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, who first took over the Canadian rap scene with a freestyle to Dom Kennedy’s “My Type of Party” at the age of 17. Taking the last and a half off, A.Y. has developed as an artist and to record his highly anticipated debut mixtape “Early Departure” which is promised to be a classic. A.Y. has also been building his own record label and clothing line with much expectation this coming summer. He’ll be putting north Edmonton on his back and turn up the city.

A.Y. comes from a dark place where your family members don’t want to see achievement and a stint in jail prompted thoughts of suicide because he had nothing to live for. Writing gave him the escape from life he needed. A.Y. feels that rappers do it for the attention and he was against making his music public because it was something private he did behind closed doors. It was his friends that encouraged him to publicize his music after hearing it for the first time. A.Y. only releases his music because it makes people feel a certain way and the day it stops helping people is the day he’ll walk away.

Twitter: @TheRealA_Y

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