Axcess Is Contributing To The Omaha Hip Hop Scene

What makes Axcess a remarkable artist is how he presents himself to his audience. From his delivery on tracks to his command on stage, his time in the limelight is coming up. With the potential for global reach, all the work he puts in now puts him on step closer. Axcess is only expected to release top notch music that will only further his reach and engrave his name into the culture of hip hop.

This Nebraska based artist has been a major contributor to the Omaha hip hop music scene since moving there from Colorado Springs four years ago. Axcess’ presence in the industry is unique because he brings an edgy street sound while focusing on up-lifting lyrics. As a middle school teacher for Omaha Public Schools, his notices the major role that hip hop music plays in the community and the influence it has on its listeners.

Axcess’s music has made an impact, and he’s received emails from fans expressing how his songs changed their life. He’s also had a former student start a rap career because he inspired them. His latest project is his mixtape R.A.S. (Rebel Against Society). Be on the lookout for music videos from this project in the future.

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