Assembly Music, New Amsterdam

IMG_3924Sonny Blac

Assembly Music is a New York based hip hop music group that enjoys making all styles of music from old school to new age but always presents the heritage and excellence of hip hop at its roots. Their latest mixtape New Amsterdam tells a story of Gray Matter & Soulbrotha traveling to the euphoric land of emcees where they hope to climb the ranks and become ultimate emcees.

It’s a concept that is really based in finding purpose while stuck in your surroundings that may be trying to hold you back. New York used to be called New Amsterdam, so it’s really about Assembly Music finding happiness right in the city they live in, even though the day to day struggle is difficult. It something that they hope will be relatable to many people.

We’re more than happy to be sharing with you the title track from New Amsterdam.

Facebook: assemblyworld
Instagram @assemblymusic
Soundcloud: assemblymusic

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