Ashton Marton, No Warning


For those who do not know Ashton Marton is a 21 year old aspiring artist coming from Chicago, Illinois. Due to his humble beginnings as a child, in and out of The Hundred’s of the south side, Marton likes to write about his experiences in life and true feelings on countless of topics; dealing with his happiness, his pain, and showing off his talent through Hip Hop/R&B melodies.

Since the age of 11 Marton has mixed, written, and produced a majority of his songs with countless underground mixtapes. As of today the aspiring artist has made a huge impact with one of his dope new catchy singles, I Be Doing Me, produced by BNJMN and co-produced by Marton himself. Hitting close to 30,000 plays, the single is coming off his highly anticipated EP entitled No Warning which is now set to be released October 12th.

If you are looking for something great to hear out of Chicago, or good music in general, there is no denying that this kid is up next.

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