Ashtin Durae, Stepping To The Mic

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Although he was born in San Diego, Ashtin Durae holds the full spirit of Atlanta. At the age of 7 he came to Riverdale, GA where artists like T.I., Waka Flaka, and Ciara were bred and at a time where music from Outkast became a huge influence. Ashtin began rapping at the age of 12 and his style was inspired by 2Pac and most heavily Andre 3000. As he became older and continued to nurture his talent he began to see rap as a true art form and looked to poetry as a more in-depth form of lyricism.

Today Ashtin continuously strives to be an artist who has substance to his music and has included lyricists such as J. Cole, Kendrik Lamar, and Kanye West to his compilation of musicians who motivate him to make music that matters. He hopes to be known as an artist that brings real Hip Hop back to its natural form and not only be embraced by Atlanta, but also recognized as one of the leaders in music as well as business.

Ashtin aspires to be remembered as somebody that gave 100% at everything he does. He aims to be a big inspiration for the youth and for his own generation. And lastly one of the best to ever step to a mic.

Instagram: @AshtinDurae_DMF
Twitter: @AshtinDurae

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