Apple Granted Patent That Will Prohibit Concert Photography


If you’re at a concert or live event everyone’s face is buried in a phones or snapping photos instead of enjoying the show. Apple looks like they want to solve this. According to 9to5Mac the tech giant has been granted a technology patent that would prevent iPhones from taking photos at concerts and/or other sensitive locations.

“For example, an infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited, and the emitter can generate infrared signals with encoded data that includes commands to disable the recording functions of devices,” says the patent. “An electronic device can then receive the infrared signals, decode the data and temporarily disable the device’s recording function based on the command.”

The same patent can also be used to prevent video recording in places like a movie theater too. There’s also an upside to the tech. While in a museum the technology could be used to automatically display information about the object one is viewing or photographing.

Apple has yet to comment on new patent and/or when it could roll out.

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