Antwon Az, Bringing My A-Game


Everybody knows hip-hop has seen many different styles and many artists. As new independent artists are on the rise everyday one artist is breaking the mold he goes by the name Antwon Az. He’s a fresh breathe of air in the music scene as he tries to separate himself and his music from the rest of the up and comers. He makes a personal connection with people through his music and being down to earth is how he does it.

The last year middle school is when he started to take his music career serious rather than just doing it for fun at school. He graduated and soon wrote his first song in high school which is titled “Viva Antwon.” After seeing vast popularity in the song he began to work on his first mixtape, “The Introduction” that was launched in the middle of 2009 and instantly gaining attention all around his city. Shortly after that in 2010 he released his second mixtape “No Time For Breaks” and in 2011 he put out his 3rd project “Flight Motion” gaining him tons of exposure across his home state of Arizona.

In 2012 he released a mixtape that was a game changed for him as an artist. Ever since then he has being rising in the music scene and seems like he will continue to rise. For the Arizona based artist only time will time where he ends up, but he will always work hard and bring his A-game.

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