Anthony A. Jones, HustlinLife


Michigan native now residing in Richmond, VA, Anthony A. Jones is a Latino recording artist making the transition from the underground to world renown-accomplished artist. Coming from and overcoming the obstacles of poverty stricken communities and harsh environments, music is everything for him. Anthony got his official start as a teenager at radio station 89.1 as a broadcast DJ and co-host of The After Party with JR Reed and Pamela Greer.

Using the radio station gig as a stepping stone, Anthony has continued to expand his career. The struggle of being a recording artist hasn’t forced him to give up and he wouldn’t be where he’s at today if he had given in to the pressure. He’s grateful and thankful for the opportunity to showcase his music. With six songs left to complete, his debut album will be releasing in the near future.

Coast 2 Coast:
Instagram: @InstaJones1
Facebook: @Anthony JONES HustlinLife
Twitter: @Austinanthonyjones1

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