A.N.T., Sharing Newfound Joy

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Christian, artist, producer, sound engineer, and assistant youth pastor Anthony Terry Jr. (A.N.T.) was saturated in the depths of the “hood life” as a child. Born in San Bernidino and raised in the “jungles” of Los Angeles, Anthony witnessed first hand the effects of poverty, violence, and drugs. Music has always been one of the most influential guiding forces in Anthony’s life. Expression through music was Anthony’s preferred form of communication, hip-hop more specifically. For as long as he could remember, Anthony has always used music (hip-hop) as a tool of relief and escape from the world’s issues: poverty, stress, and loneliness. He soon realized music wasn’t enough.

Although Anthony grew up in a strong Christian based household, life’s issues still pressed him hard. For most of Anthony’s childhood and adolescence he struggle with an outrageous temper that tore him away from his family. Mental institutes and group homes became his caudle sack. Enraged with wanting to free himself from his binding conditions, Anthony had no choice but to turn to Christ. Anthony began building a relationship with God at that moment and he was never the same. Anthony began writing song after song, rejoicing for the newness and brightness that he had gained from being in a fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. This new joy that he had found in Christ had to be shared.

In 2011, Anthony created an independent record label, He’s The Man Records (now currently Rich Soil Records), under which he recorded his first studio album (“Realationship”) that was released to the public in 2012. The album was followed by a mixtape entitled “The Outer Lenz” that led to recognition from the local churches and venues. With a growing fan base, Anthony released the sequel mixtape, “Blind Destruction”, in 2013. “Blind Destruction” was an immediate success with over 400 downloads in the first week of release with its number one renowned hits “Gucci Good” and “Come Get Me” featuring Amanda Whitmore. This is more than music to Anthony. His hope is that, with music, with outreach, and with every available tool, all people could be brought into a true relationship with God so that they may experience the same joy he found.

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