Andie Roy

Andie Roy Head Shot

Andie Roy has been producing for three years now and decided to go live with the “Andie Roy” project about 9 months ago with his first tropical House remix release of “Gone (Going).” Not really knowing much about the music industry, he submitted it to a few blogs making it on Hypem thanks to the blog Your Music Radar where it climbed to the #7 spot overall and top #5 remix spot on the popular page.

Andie realized people took a great liking to his style and has been producing tropical, deep, and melodic House ever since. A cool thing to know about Andie is that he studied in Freiburg, Germany over the fall of 2014 and was able to collaborate with the German duo Suntimechild to make our “Beautiful Girls” remix which is still Andie’s most popular track to date.

Andie has some great collabs in the works, an official remix soon to be released, and a few more tracks and promoted releases coming in the near future.


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