AMMo Ski Mask, Faded Music Group


Tshiamo Molefhe better known by his stage name AMMo Ski Mask is a producer, clothing designer, graphic designer, musician, and co-founder of African record label Faded Music Group and the Anti-BHVR (anti behavior) clothing line. Coming from humble beginnings in a small mining town in Botswana, Ski Mask always had a desire for more than what his environment dictated. He moved to his father’s birthplace in South Africa for high school. Ski Mask was exposed to the notorious streets of Johannesburg and was expelled in his final year.

He decided that music was his only option if he was to achieve the heights that he dreamed about. Ski Mask co-founded Faded Music Group in early 2013 and seeks to inspire others with his rugged street raps, social commentary and commercial appeal, and take the Faded Nation (as the followers and fans of Faded like to refer to themselves) to the world. No matter what, we become millionaires. In Faded we trust.

Instagram: @my_dick_touch_the_water
Twitter: @AMMoMakeItSoft
Facebook: @ammoskimask
Tumblr: @getrich-or-dieratchet

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