Amethyst Maximus, Through the Pitch Black Flames

Amethyst Maximus

Amethyst Maximus, raised in Orange County, has a unique style forged from life experiences and his perspective on life. He went from recording in his room to doing shows and recording in studios off of the strength of his drive and passion for music. Amethyst Maximus rode his bike back and forth from the studio (work) and home multiple times a week, as well as balancing school, making it a small price to pay to fulfill major aspects of his life’s purpose. He plans on submerging himself more deeply in other aspects of music to expand his artistry.

Amethyst Maximus will be releasing his first official project, “Through the Pitch Black Flames” LP on April 20, 2015. The LP contains a diverse variety of producers, features, and influences all captured in the “Pitch Black Flames” vibe that appears throughout the project. The LP explains Amethyst Maximus’ positioning on many aspects of society, depicts some of his deepest thoughts, and what goes on in the day to day life of a young adult in the O.C. (opposed to the common rumors people tend to believe). His biggest goal as a musician is to tour other countries and bring people healing from the strife of the modern world through music.

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