Alice Sweet Alice Defies Classification


Kansas City’s Alice Sweet Alice is not a newbie in the professional recording and released their fifth studio album Viola Organista…and Other Impossible Dreams in April. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, the artist has definitely left a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artists as well as an entrepreneurs in the music business, do not be surprised to see Alice Sweet Alice in the biggest publications.

Defying classification, Alice Sweet Alice plays genre-bending music that resists description yet sounds intimately familiar. Rock overtones are prominent in their music but the subtleties of electronica, jazz, blues, and post punk ignite the senses with progressive composition and meaningful lyrics. Always killer, with no filler the band challenges the imagination and uses no formulas. It is this very element that keeps the audience and fans tuned into their music, you never know what is around the next corner.

Alice Sweet Alice has shared the stage with notable acts like Collective Soul, Adrenaline Mob, and Chuck Mosley (Faith No More). Along with the release of their latest album the music video for hit single “Daredevil” also made its debut. Currently the band’s booking shows in the Midwest and beyond to support the album.

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