Alex Burnett, The Journey In Creating A Project


Alex Burnett is a hip hop artist born in D.C., raised in Maryland, and is currently based in Tampa, FL. His artistry revolves around poetry and the composition of rap, he uses music to express himself to the fullest extent possible with lyricism. He considers music to be one of the most important entities in existence and he reflects that in his craft. As he continues to compose, he hopes many people can find themselves in his music and get something from it.

Alex Burnett’s release of his project is by far his most significant milestone in his is developing career. The reception from the public was quite memorable for him because of what he wanted to get from the music. It was all love and a lot of encouragement from people that are around him, and even from people that he didn’t know. Being acknowledged by the public is all that an artists can ask for.

Alex Burnett the artist lets it flow organically. His latest project titled Interpratate took him time to compose and complete. Though not stymied for the lack of material, the project completion process took it’s time as he constructed it the very way he wanted and in itself he found a journey. This very same process is what he’ll be exercising on his current project that he hopes to complete by years end.

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