A.K., Goals Set for You


“The combination of written art and performance art is pure genius.”

Wayne Kennedy, A.K., is a 23 year old up and coming Hip Hop artist who is from Wynne, Arkansas. A.K. grew up listening to all genres of music, from old school Hip Hop to old school Country to Alternative Rock and more. He comes from a family of talented people, everyone in his family is gifted with some kind of artistic craft. A.K. however is multi-talented but has zoned in on his musical abilities. A.K. always thought music was the best expression of true art.

A.K.’s style is built more along the lines of expressing his sincere thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions through the songs he writes. Whether the song be Country or a Hip Hop, he will have a story to tell whether it be about his struggles, thoughts, dreams, or his realities. Throughout his life he has traveled to many places, observed different cultures, and adapted. He chose to learn as much as he can about his environment and turn the experiences into musical compositions.

A.K. is currently working on his debut album entitled “Goals Set for You” with Reality Records producer DULAA and others. A.K. would like the world to know that he has a wife, issues, and challenges just as much as the next person does but through his craft he vents and it seems all worth it. A.K. is a dedicated and passionate artist who is sure to enlighten the world with his craft.

Official website: awk1ak.wix.com/therapperak
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/waynek2009

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