AFS, Breaking My Own Barriers

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AFS is a 26 year old student living in Orlando, FL who was born in the Dominican Republic, but moved to the Bronx, NY when he was 8. It was there that I fell in love with hip hop, r&b, and music in general. He started writing about 2.5 years ago and likes to write music as a way to express himself and relieve stress. Inspired by J. Cole’s artistic approach in sharing his message, AFS’ soul woke up. Ever since, music has motivated him more than ever – to graduate, to reach a better sound, to progress in life.

Fairly new to music making, there’s not many accomplishments to be proud of. Being such a timid kid before, it has taken a while to put himself out there; however, AFS has taken steps forward attending open mics where he can work on his public fears.

Currently he’s working on trying to create his own videos. AFS has a different/weird mind compared to others and wants to create visual art that’s unique but understandable. All he wants to do is make art that people can relate to or feel it in their hearts. He’s also looking for other musicians to do projects with, the weirder the better.

Instagram: @aneurys19
Soundcloud: aneurys-santos-2

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