Ace Spitz, Keeping The Attention


West Philadelphia native Ace Spitz isn’t unfamiliar with putting words together. He started out as just a young poet and is now catching attention and gracing the ears of so many in hip-hop, from fans to other artists. Releasing his first mixtape in 2009, “Came to Get It On” hosted by DJ No Phrillz, truly was Ace Spitz’ introduction to the world. In 2010, Ace Spitz linked up with No Phrillz again to release his second mixtape, “Grand Slam: Classic,” which became an instant classic as it was centered around Jamal Hill’s independent Philly based film “Money, Power, Respect.” Not only proving to be a genius, Ace Spitz quickly established his brand. Releasing his third mixtape in 2011 “I Fuckin Hate Rapperz,” Ace Spitz knows how to keep the attention of the hip-hop world.

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