Ace K Bambam, Opening A Lane


Ace K Bambam, born Kennis Tilmon, was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1991. Ace started off watching Dr. Dre and Eminem collaborate on songs like “Forgot About Dre” and loving the crunk vibes of “Country Grammar” by Nelly. Ace has many influences like Beanie Seigel, Raw Reese, and 50 Cent just to name a few. He is a self-educated artist who has never taken a music class. He may have worked with other producers and bounced ideas back and forth, but mostly was independent in his studio.

Ace performed at the age of 16 alongside one of his good friends, Blake Bailey. The show was a success and they were asked to perform again next year. Ace is an artist who wants to spread the realities of a “real” person, not spread the life of a fantasy world (like the movie “Scarface”). On the other hand, he also raps about what he knows (the streets, family ties, gang ties, drugs, violence) because he is a product of his environment.

Ace’s goal is to open up a lane for Minnesota artists to showcase their talents. The way Ace chooses to accomplish that is by collaborating with up-and-coming artists and other local artists alike.

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