50 Cent Sells Out First “Animal Ambition” LP Bundle

Rude Boy Magazine

50 Cent is definitely a hip-hop superstar but he still hasn’t been able to crack the singles charts with a top 10 hit since 2007’s Curtis single, “Ayo Technology.” Despite this drop in sales numbers, he remains a force in the music business. Still need convincing? Well the rap star recently sold out a $5,000 bundle for his upcoming album, Animal Ambition, which was on-sale at 50Cent.com.

The bundle includes five deluxe edition copies of the album plus a Special Edition DVD, three limited edition t-shirts, five limited edition signed posters, two pairs of his SMS Audio headphones, and the chance for you and two friends to hang out with 50 at his Connecticut mansion for a weekend.

50 Cent announced the bundles last month, and so far, this specific bundle has completely sold out.

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