4ourty8, Greatest Has Yet To Come


Zaquan “4ourty8” Nelson, 21 (born Feb. 12th 1993), was raised in Waterbury, CT. The name “4ourty8” comes from a tragic loss he experienced. He lost his mother Sharon Mazon Nelson Feb. 4th, 2008 due to cancer and her burial was on Feb. 8th, 2008. This was a tough loss, but within in that he made a promise to his mom that he vows to keep. Be great and never give up on his dream.

4ourty8 has been doing music for most of his life. At first, he started with poetry and then became a good writer so with his love for music it made it only right to begin recording studio records. He started recording and engineering his own songs which immediately gave him the confidence that he could make good music and was great at it because it came so natural.

He then set out to find that special sound of music that the industry seems to lack. 4ourty8 represents a thriving youth and he has set out to help instill the morals/values of living a better quality of life and doing the right thing for yourself and others through his music.

Now currently paying close attention to his social network following understanding that this is one of the major keys to the game. You can find him and all music/videos at a few websites such as Twitter, Instagram, Sound Cloud, and YouTube as well. 4ourty8 continues to grow daily, musically and mentally. The greatest has yet to come.

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